About Me

Why hello there!

Thanks for visiting my space. I started this blog in 2009 as a way to motivate myself to finish up projects - always a challenge but much more so with two toddlers in a new-to-us old house that has lots of its own projects too. I was finding myself running in every direction at once, exhausted and unable to organize my time - which was making me miss creating and crafting - that quiet time when you are focused on what's in your hands and on your mind. I thought that if I vowed to photograph my final products and post them, I'd remember the process, the feelings, the little moments, and feel more of a sense of accomplishment. I was reading lots of similar blogs like Soulemama and wanted to be a part of that community.

Growing up I guess I was lucky to have a very crafty Mom, Dad and Grammy. We had lots of handmade things in our house and my Mom loved to try new crafts. We made lots of our own clothes - patterns back then didn't cost $10 a pop, so it was actually cheaper than buying clothes and you got exactly what you wanted. Hopefully. For a while we had sheep and I taught myself to spin - I didn't know anyone else who spun and didn't know how to find people who did. Now with the internet that seems so quaint. I always loved knitting, needlework, and sewing, and came to love painting and photography.

I recently moved into a 100 year old farmhouse with the loves of my life, my husband and two little ones. And two cats. I'm learning all about old houses, gardening, woodwork, fixing things, dreaming, paint, growing children, and a million other things. And it is still good to have this blog motivating me to finish, photograph, think about, and write about my creative life. I love to read your comments and do my best to respond.

All the best to you -
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