Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Top - Just Under the Wire

I lurked on the "Spring Top Week" last year over at Made By Rae and knew I wanted to try it this year - haven't had a seasonal approach to sewing for myself for a while - usually more like when I notice some item I wear all the time falling apart I think about sewing a replacement for five seconds then head for the thrift shop because it's faster. The winning top last year was really sweet and all the tops were motivating. This year it is a gazillion times bigger and that much more thrilling. Getting headless shots that don't make me notice my arms need serious toning was more challenging than sewing the thing, and while I love the empire waist, especially forgiving post babes, I think I might try the bias cut bottom next time. Although it is probably just a feature of this style that it has that maternity top-y feel about it. I haven't worn ruffles in ages, I had a teeny bit left and thought it would be fun at the neckline, I may still rip that out. Thoughts? Anyway, pretty color, pretty girly (not my usual style) and very spring-y - or will be once it warms up a little bit more. Til then, from under a cardigan you may peep, my pretty. Thanks Rae for the opportunity!

See? Not preggers, no - but you wouldn't know, would you? So next time, no more lightly gathered tummy. Posted by Picasa

Here are two tops - from the many - that I want to make for myself!

UPDATE: This is one of the tops today that made the cut - you can vote over at madebyrae!

I love flowers top from Karamiel
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life in the Ruins

File under: Interesting surprises in an old house. A big leak in between the downstairs shower and the siding - yup, the pipe runs up an exterior wall with no access and yup, it froze some time ago. The home inspector assured us the slight hissing noise in there was air in the pipes... hmmm. I'll share full photos once we get the siding primed and painted so there is a before and after - at the moment, I just wanted to share what I found next to the (mossy, well watered) foundation, amidst all the hosta that got trampled before it even really came up - right up against the siding as I scraped and prepped for caulk and paint - the prettiest little lily in the valley I ever saw. Dainty. But you know, persevering.
*AND, my father informs me, highly toxic to animals that eat it. aha, you look so demure little lily, and not only do you persevere, you take care of yourself quite well, thank you.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bobble Train Bag

Believe it or not this started out life as a dress for Sweet P, from the Purl Bee "Bobble Dress" pattern. The yarn was too stiff to really hang right as a dress, but I was having fun with the bobbles, so I made a bottom for it and improvised some handles. Because, who doesn't love a bobble?
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Outside. A Lot.

This should maybe be a guest Aunt post, the fabulous quilt was made by my Aunt Dona in Washington State, with lots of African motifs to celebrate my Peace Corps days in Mali. It is so pretty I love to take it outside where we sit on it in the yard a lot. I think that might be a New Yorker back cover. Though my first thought on seeing this ad (after how sunny and summery it looks) is who lets their kid romp on grass in clean khakis? Clearly a photographer with an unlimited supply of new khakis.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fuzzy Slippers and Chalk Bag

Only fuzzy because they were in motion and in low light. Thick cotton yarn and a pretty big crochet hook (H, I think). Toasty toes and warmly embraced chalk... this is for one of those Ikea chalk/white board easels that only have the holder tray on one side - what gives with that? Two kids painting involves running around the mulberry bush for the paint on the other side or that the other one is using. At least now the chalk stays put where it is needed. Or can be carried out to the sidewalk, when the weather is nice.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrifted Stool Makeover

From this to this, for this little girl, who asked for yellow.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Things

Our barn

New life

Parts of an old yoke?

An old box. Perfect for ...... ?
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eye Pillow

Which I can show you now, after my sister's special birthday. The embroidery was from a signature circa 1975 in a kid's book that I brought home from our parent's house for the little ones. When I found it on the front page, I knew I had to use it for something for her, it is so charming. The back is the dreaming cotton from Gina, perfect for restful relaxation. I lined it with fleece, since the fabric wasn't very substantial and I was worried about it retaining heat - I filled it with rice and a couple of herbal tea bags, zap it 30 sec and it warms up nicely but not too hot. Happy happy birthday, G!
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Felted Trees Sprouting Knit Leaves

I think this is about half the leaves I'd like - it is lovely to see it come to life. MUCH better metaphor for growth than the bare branches when I first hung it up.
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Toddler PJ Pants from a Men's Shirt

This was an old flannel shirt that wasn't being used. I traced a pair of pjs on them, positioning so I'd get the pocket right (in fact, the crotch is baggy enough they can be worn with the pocket in front or in back). Probably an hour project and got a great reception (and was a moving target for the photo!) Its no longer really flannel weather here, but hopefully these are generous enough - and I gave them a deep hem - to be worn next winter.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Thanks, Elsie!
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Old Wallpaper

There are just a few scraps left inside the stairs to the cellar. I love it, I'm sure I want to do something with it, for somewhere - but what? A needlepoint pillow? A stamped motif on a rug, or maybe dishcloths? I even love the colors but could see using it as a motif with a couple variations. Someday. For now, just here, thinking about fun surprises in an old house - which are much more fun than the "hmmm, interesting" surprises, like how the back wall of our downstairs closet might have been glued onto the cement floor, which would be why the wall is now falling down? Just in time for bugs? This was the closet that last summer housed a cricket spider colony along with our shoes - and I frequently chose to go barefoot, thank you! (Cricket spiders don't bite that I'm aware of, but they can really jump)
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Happy Easter!

A thrifting find for 50 cents, and some of the crazy amount of daffodils from our yard. I don't even particularly like daffs, but someone must have once, and they've thrived. We have white, yellow, and some double yellows. I did make up those little bunnies, will have to pry them from the little ones' hands to photo.
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