Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Top - Just Under the Wire

I lurked on the "Spring Top Week" last year over at Made By Rae and knew I wanted to try it this year - haven't had a seasonal approach to sewing for myself for a while - usually more like when I notice some item I wear all the time falling apart I think about sewing a replacement for five seconds then head for the thrift shop because it's faster. The winning top last year was really sweet and all the tops were motivating. This year it is a gazillion times bigger and that much more thrilling. Getting headless shots that don't make me notice my arms need serious toning was more challenging than sewing the thing, and while I love the empire waist, especially forgiving post babes, I think I might try the bias cut bottom next time. Although it is probably just a feature of this style that it has that maternity top-y feel about it. I haven't worn ruffles in ages, I had a teeny bit left and thought it would be fun at the neckline, I may still rip that out. Thoughts? Anyway, pretty color, pretty girly (not my usual style) and very spring-y - or will be once it warms up a little bit more. Til then, from under a cardigan you may peep, my pretty. Thanks Rae for the opportunity!

See? Not preggers, no - but you wouldn't know, would you? So next time, no more lightly gathered tummy. Posted by Picasa

Here are two tops - from the many - that I want to make for myself!

UPDATE: This is one of the tops today that made the cut - you can vote over at madebyrae!

I love flowers top from Karamiel
Originally uploaded by karamiel


  1. I love the top, even the ruffles! They are a little perky for you, so my suggestion would be to edge stitch along the neck edge to keep them mashed down a little. Also next time, try an finish that doesn't involve so much thickness. I've seen great finishes with decorative stiches that keep the edge from fraying and they make the ruffle softer.

  2. I considered sewing them down, but I actually like them kind of sticky-uppy - maybe it it not coming across as well in the photo. I think it also was that I had just ironed it so the ruffles are kind of pressed in - you're right, they need to be softer (and after wearing the top, they need to be washed, so we'll see what that does)

    Did you read about that plaid shirt, I love that one. I guess I can't really make the iloveflowers shirt and keep my vow against gathered empire lines...

  3. Thanks for posting about my shirt!! So excited to be included in the top 60!!! xoxo Jordan

  4. I love your spring top (and share your pregnancy-look worries about empire lines, but yours looks lovely and not pregnant at all. Although I think it's a problem with tops in general that when you add interest with gathers they can often billow out over the stomach's something that I struggle with every time I make a top and am only just finding some ways to stop this happening after many, many failed attempts!).

    Thank you so much for including my top in your list of tops from Rae's top week - I'd picked out many of the same favourites too.

    Florence x


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