Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life in the Ruins

File under: Interesting surprises in an old house. A big leak in between the downstairs shower and the siding - yup, the pipe runs up an exterior wall with no access and yup, it froze some time ago. The home inspector assured us the slight hissing noise in there was air in the pipes... hmmm. I'll share full photos once we get the siding primed and painted so there is a before and after - at the moment, I just wanted to share what I found next to the (mossy, well watered) foundation, amidst all the hosta that got trampled before it even really came up - right up against the siding as I scraped and prepped for caulk and paint - the prettiest little lily in the valley I ever saw. Dainty. But you know, persevering.
*AND, my father informs me, highly toxic to animals that eat it. aha, you look so demure little lily, and not only do you persevere, you take care of yourself quite well, thank you.
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