Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old Wallpaper

There are just a few scraps left inside the stairs to the cellar. I love it, I'm sure I want to do something with it, for somewhere - but what? A needlepoint pillow? A stamped motif on a rug, or maybe dishcloths? I even love the colors but could see using it as a motif with a couple variations. Someday. For now, just here, thinking about fun surprises in an old house - which are much more fun than the "hmmm, interesting" surprises, like how the back wall of our downstairs closet might have been glued onto the cement floor, which would be why the wall is now falling down? Just in time for bugs? This was the closet that last summer housed a cricket spider colony along with our shoes - and I frequently chose to go barefoot, thank you! (Cricket spiders don't bite that I'm aware of, but they can really jump)
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  1. Definately make a pattern of it, and send it to your sister. bet she could come up with something!


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