Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Snow! Crochet Tree Light Garland and a Prezzie from Australia

The WIP from a ways back. I'm extending the ends so it will cover the whole bannister. I love how this turned out, especially for a pattern I just made up and all the acrylic yarn I had no idea what to do with = perfect project. And I needed something festive but not actual lights, given that there is no outlet near the stairs.

Thank you Gina! This aboriginal design probably never imagined it would be photographed in 12"+ of snow! Now, what to make of it...
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  1. Been walking around Sycamore Corner and visiting with you. I miss seeing it and you all. LOVE the string of lights. Very low-wattage!
    Since the Aboriginal art mostly is of "dreamings," maybe a patch in a nightgown; or a huggy pillow. It does look a little surprised by the snow. Yet, somehow, it's ok with it all.
    Love, Gina
    PS WV: yahlbr Yahl br while we all sweat.


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