Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday Round the Blogs - Stitch Craft, Calendars, Skirts and Scarves

Another new blog, Stitch/Craft with a few advent calendar ideas - too late for this year, but perhaps for next? I especially like the paperchain made from red white and green fabrics - with a snap closing and a special activity printed inside for each day.

And Chez Beeper Bebe led me to this shop in Etsy - the cutest calendar I've seen in a while. Jack and I have been sewing up animals printed out from CBB, I would never have thought to look but Etsy is just brimming with downloadable calendars - so save your money and put that "Pug Puppies 2010" calendar down - $5 is the going rate (and you can print and assemble as many as you want for presents too!). And when the month has passed, many of these prints are suitable for framing or you could turn them into note cards. Go handmade!!

I also try to recreate somethings I like from the store - in fact, I often talk myself out of buying something saying "I could make it, and cuter, and cheaper" forgetting the end of that sentence "about 3 years from now when I have a moment" Anyway, I have some stash plaid that this scarf idea could work on, and it would make a nice present, no? Not for anyone reading this ...

Cluck Cluck Sew scarf

A new blog I'm following - Country Girl Couture. How totally cute is this skirt, with fussy-cut and lovingly stitched applique? I'm a sucker for pincords in the winter. But wait ... I don't even wear skirts!

Country Girl Couture Corduroy Skirt

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