Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wednesday WIP - Garland, Shelf, and One Finished Wreath!

I learned with this project that hot glue gets quite brittle in the cold (uh .. duh) so this is more fragile than I expected. I think if I made another one I'd try to figure out how to hotglue the containers onto a wreath rather than just to each other. But it fit my requirements of a) something to do with those old yogurt cups and b) something super cheap (I did break down and buy the bow ($1.50) since though I racked my brains I couldn't think of something I needed to recycle that was essentially a red plastic bow...)

Ta Dah!!

So, I have a BAG full of old acrylic yarn, and a bannister that needs some garlanding for little or no $$ ...

Funky thriftstore drought ended - $5! Not loving the sun-tanned Barbie skin "color" on this bookshelf - hard to see in the photo but believe me, beyond ugly - but what retro legs! I was thinking powder blue paint, but a request has been made for apple green.
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