Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tree of Growth

So, this is a WIP from waaaaay back. Back before Gina left for the outback. Luckily, she walked me through felting these trees before she left or who knows what I would have come up with on my own (I should learn to start small! But Gina knows all about felt so it came out ok!!)

Here is the photo from last August, in the heat of summer, the wool roving (custom dyed here) laid out to be felted. Which we did.

Now, I bought the white duck fabric for the back ages ago also, and finally Mr. Sycamore said "won't they be grown up before you finish their growth chart?" which coupled with the TWO WEEKS of snow days, spurred me into (slo-mo) action. So here is the partially complete growth chart up in our hall way, marked with 12" intervals. I guess I knew but had supressed that J and Sweet P were equally long at birth - 20" - but it said so in the records (good thing we wrote that down). We had a fun time finding out how tall they are now.

The remaining steps are to needle felt in two white bunnies at the base of the trees, and to attach knit leaves (I have a bag of them ready to go. Check back in twenty years to see if they are all still in the bag, or on the chart) The trees were a big hit with the small folk, although who knows if this will help win the battle to get J to eat enough meat to get big enough to go down the water slide. If he never reaches the pedals then we won't have to worry about his learner's permit, right?

Thank you Gina for such a fun afternoon. We miss you!
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  1. Gee, I thought it went the other way up. Just kidding. I still love it, especially for its non-cutesieness. And because of you.
    Now, go get some sticky tape and stick some leaves on. We, your faithful blogees, will tell you when we like it best. Then, you sew! She'll be apples!
    the aforementioned Gina


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