Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fountain Pen Shawl - DONE

Short blog absence for computer malfunction - wow is this new computer fast (!) But still installing and feeling around the new set up, so blogging, not so fast. Yes, it got to the point where we just said "its time" Still hoping we can pull our unbackedup (I know, I know) photos off the old hard drive, my new job with the new 'puter is learn more about picasa, organize, tag, and BACK UP our photos. Its already been fun seeing photos from what seems like a million years ago - 2006! 2005, how little we knew ye!

OK, check out how close this was - this was the tail remaining after binding off ... phew! You will notice this is after running out of the original color and thankfully finding an appropriate weight in white. I love how it turned out. Sweet P helped with the photo. Thanks Olympics and Knitting Olympics, for getting me to attempt it. I feel kind of at a loss now - next project will be ...??

Amaryllis update: Gorgeous! We still have another bud to go. What a luscious deep red.

Gosh, I'm seeing what Mr. Sycamore means - that whole middle photo is different shades of beige. In my defense, I didn't pick the slip cover or the wall color. I DID dress my daughter - but look - pink! a pink shirt! And did I mention the Amaryllis?
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