Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Longing for Spring

In my twenties and thirties I pretty much lived in a modernist minimalist wardrobe - black, white, lots of greys, and sometimes a tan or two. I still think grey is one of the prettiest and most versatile colors there is, despite lots of ribbing about this preference. But for the past few years - since having kids I guess - I've been more and more drawn to color - maybe not allover color, but spicy crazy color accents and even a few pink sweaters (!) This hat just makes me smile, especially with the lime-apple scarf. Topping, of course, my big black coat. My first crochet hat - I'm still working on how to switch to (knit?) ribbing at the brim in the future, but since this pattern came out kind of shaped like a cloche it works that it is not snug (but it does fall off quickly when wrestling little ones into the car, so the next one needs a bit more stretchiness to stay on)

Oh, and it did snow another 5" last night, so our third snow day in a row (but lots of opportunities to play outside! For which you need: a hat that makes you smile)
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