Friday, June 4, 2010

Where the Leak Was - Fix It Friday

I probably should've taken a photo of the water jetting from the broken pipe, once we took the siding off. This little bump out is the downstairs bathroom, and for some reason instead of running the shower head pipe up the interior wall and making a little access door to it, someone ran it up the outside wall and yes, it froze. And we had no access, except through tiles or siding. Our clever plumber helped us cut the siding as neatly as we could and fixed up the pipes - leaving the siding for us to tackle. Step one, duct tape and a drop cloth for the high chair. Pooh and Tigger do their part.

Step two - nail the siding back up as best you can while watching toddlers, and scrape the paint that buckled because of the water flowing down. Don't think about how long that water flowed. Or the mushrooms growing in the tub tiles (for real). Please ignore that area right in the middle where I had nailing issues.

Prime and paint, replace the shutter. If you are me, this last, easiest, step will take approximately two months.

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