Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pretty Iron + Pretty Ironing Board = More Ironing?

Thanks Mr. Sycamore, for the most awesome iron I've ever owned. Thanks, Sis, for the recommendation. Doesn't really make me iron shirts more often than "after the pile gets too big to use the iron for sewing". New ironing board cover to match the seat cushions.


  1. You are most welcome! Better tools naturally make the job easier. I never said they would get the job done, however! That's entirely up to you (speaking as someone who has a laundry basket UNDER the ironing board so I can still use the board, that has to be covered to keep the clean clothes protected from cat hair)(because guess who thinks a pile of clothes is a great place to curl up and sleep?).

  2. Ahhh. How quickly forgotten are the gifts of the husband. Think. Think hard. Who bought you that absurdly expensive iron. Who should get the credit? Perhaps Mr. Sycamore?

  3. Now, see, if I were on a daytime soap I could claim amnesia plus I was actually my evil identical twin. At Sycamore Corners' soap I can only claim I was thinking of something else entirely and can you ever forgive me?

    I LOVE to sleep on a pile of clean clothes.


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