Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Day Indoor Balloon Jet Rockets

It has been raining. It is going to keep raining. We've been working on some science. This one was easy - tape, string/yarn, balloons, straws.

Stretch the string across a room. We discovered that tighter works better. Thread some straws on the string (I used a skewer to push it through). We tried both a full straw and a cut up piece of straw about 4 inches long - shorter worked better.

Attach the string to the walls at toddler height. Blow up a balloon. Have toddler help you tape it onto the straw. Expect to use lots of tape (my toddler was surprisingly good at this step and found it made him feel important and essential to the experiment).

Count down. 3....2....1....blastoff!!!

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