Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Aid Messenger Bags

While cleaning out the play room for a transformation to homeschool room, I realized that we needed some storage for all our doctor and nurse accessories.  So rather than clean any more I headed to the sewing machine (why is this playroom project taking so long!?)

J had been begging for a messenger bag.  When she saw his, Sweet P. (who is actually the doctor with the most developed bedside manner) needed one too.

When bandaging Poppa the other night Sweet P was sorry to inform him he had Hepatitis D.  (We've been talking about germs and famous doctors like Louis Pasteur.  Hepatitis D sounds much more serious than any of the other Hepatitis you could get, doesn't it.) 

(she leaned in and whispered for emphasis,
palpitating his stomach) swallowed a shoe.
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