Monday, November 2, 2009

Cute Robot Costume

Almost entirely repurposed! I bought a can of yellow spray paint (which I'm sure I'll use on other projects) and some silver lamé since I couldn't find any at the thrift store, in any format. The outfit was from a thrifted woman's top that I cut into a toddler pajama pattern I made a while back. I added scrap yellow knee and elbow pads, don't ask why as I'm not entirely sure but it seemed to go with the vibe. Sweet Potato didn't like the box we originally made for her, too constricting, so I cut it down to be a sandwich board which also worked better for getting her into and out of the car. I sewed "dials" on the front and back out of large lids (oatmeal and cream cheese, I think) - I sewed them through to buttons on the inside, so they'd be able to turn. Then I hot-glued smaller knobs on to hide the sewing. Finally, I made a modified hat out of the silver lamé - it was lovely to work with, thick and stretchy at the same time. I painted yogurt cups yellow and cut slits at the mouth on either side, then threaded elastic through and sewed that to the hat. That allowed the "ears" to move and hopefully made it more comfortable.

You can see her volume goes up to 11.
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  1. Cool to see exactly how you did all the projects. Loved looking at this, Mom


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