Saturday, November 28, 2009

Red Chair Cover Up

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I decided to finally get around to covering up the ugly plate-shaped cover on the old chimney, where a stovepipe must have once gone thru (slightly above the remaining, cemented-in hole for a second stovepipe? An auxilliary stovepipe?). Someone else also thought it was ugly, but they had taped up an (equally ugly) scene of a house to it (see below). So I made this little banner to hide the whole thing, appliqued on a portrait of our thrift-store dining room chairs (there is the subject, under the mirror) and hung it by a branch as Soulemama does in Handmade Home - meant I didn't need to worry about purchasing a dowel - how easy! Just go out in the yard and look around! I also love bringing the outdoors in, we have a plate of all our nature-found goodies on the table most meals - nuts, feathers, interesting leaves - so the stick-hanger fits right in. And I'm sure now that it is set up, I'll be changing this banner out with the seasons. Must DO something about those chair cushion covers, but that's for another day.
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