Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Felt Growth Chart

This is for you Gina! Needs more leaves, and some bunnies. Those both seem like good winter day projects, I just haven't gotten to them while I can go outside and play.

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  1. evil aunty ginaOctober 29, 2010

    Oh! My own blog dedication! I'd like to thank all the little people...well,two little people, and their momma.
    Nice trees. They do need something at the bottom. I'm thinking leaves - detachable. When the kids misbehave, you put one down on the bottom. "See Honey, when you're naughty, the trees cry." "You took that crayon from your sister and now, the trees are dying." OOo, even worse, assign each kid a tree...you could do like a Dorian Gray thingy!


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