Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Pink Hat

This fabulous llama wool was gifted to me by a friend - the llama is now gone, the yarn lives on. It feels delicious - warm, fuzzy, with lots of body. When I showed her the hat I was making for J, she promptly requested one for her daughter and here it is. I remembered to take a shot before giving it to her, but only one, so this is it. I made up the pattern in the car based on the purple hat, since all I had were needles and yarn and no pattern to use ... it came out better than expected! I love projects where you are really just knitting to enjoy yourself and keep your hands occupied, but then the outcome turns out great. MUCH better than those projects where you are kntting fast and furiously for the prize and for one reason or another it doesn't come together the way you envisioned.
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