Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Last Minute Knitted Gift - Family Ribbed Hat

After only two weeks, two projects done done done. Either I've just suddenly got lots of time on my hands or suddenly got really motivated by my new good book. My gauge was much smaller on this than the pattern called for, but I just did the math and figured with a hat, who would care? I love how it turned out - very springy, and very very warm. I've actually been wearing it around the house instead of turning up the thermostat and finding it makes me just as comfortable.

Putty tat likes it too.

Voila! Mr. Sycamore was busy with bath time so here is *ahem - "self portrait with hat." See? Comfortably sproingy. I saved some of the pink to accent some fingerless gloves in the queue. Have no idea how long my motivation will last, but there are some very pretty ones in this book so maybe I will just keep going.

Update: this is absolutely the most comfortable hat I've ever had. The stretchiness means it covers my ponytail without squishing, perfect perfect perfect. Thank you Joelle!
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  1. Send some motivation my way! Now that I am on the long rows of the sweater, I find it hard to take it out and get started. The small rounds of the sleeves were much more satisfying. If my putty tat didn't like to eat Alpaca, I'd leave it out and probably be better about just picking it up to knit for a little while.

  2. I was just going to ask you how the intarsia was going... keep at it! Do what I did - get a new book :)

  3. It's going well. After I posted that I knit for 5 hours infront of stupid TV movies. Just what the doctor ordered, I felt so blissed out after a crazy week at work, that I didn't worry about the other stuff to get done. However, still haven't done the laundry ...


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