Friday, January 21, 2011

Total Thrift Store Score

Old Crate and Barrel cabinet, a good fit style/color wise for our old kitchen but not so harmonious with our new dining room. Ok, with our 2 year old dining room, where it was hanging out until we found this TOTAL SCORE at the thrift store.

It's about 8" shorter leaving lots of room on top. Suggestions? I thought maybe some artfully wild-looking branches but maybe some neat and matching baskets or bins would be more sophisticated.

The black cabinet is finding new life as the toddler arts center.

Now, explain to me this thrifting character flaw - this cabinet came with a matching low cabinet, which, at 60" was waaaay too long for any space in this house with its radiators every 3 feet and windows every other foot. HOWEVER, when another woman in the store asked after it, and ended up buying it, I was ... miffed. I wanted it, it was a bargain, and it matched my cabinet. How could she take it and how could I let her? I keep saying to myself "It wouldn't fit, we have no room, I can get more other stuff with the money I saved on something that didn't fit" and a little voice comes piping up "but it matched." Which is hysterical when you consider that there was a dining table and chairs that matched also that I had no lust in my heart for. What was up with that extra cabinet?
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