Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Sign Gift

Kathy and Steve met in a bike shop. Kathy spent several years in Russia in the 80s. I had Mr. Sycamore's student who speaks Russian send me the phrase "Steven and Katya Unite" in Cyrillic script (hopefully that is what it actually says!) My idea was to make a propaganda-y wall-hanging - until I remembered that I don't actually have a lot of artistic ability in the drawing department. As I was doodling ideas, I sketched them with a bicycle and decided to simplify everything down.

I copied the couple in permanent marker on a piece of white first, then cut the phrase out of scrap red felt and heat-and-bonded it. I painstakingly sewed tiny bike helmets out of silver lamé - I thought it sent a better message of my hopes for a safe, healthy, long marriage! - then stapled the whole thing to a painting canvas.

To be clear, the joy on their faces is probably because they just got married. They hadn't even opened our present yet.

Congratulations, guys! Your wedding was beautiful, with thoughtful kiddie bags and mac and cheese on the menu. Long life and long happiness!

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