Saturday, April 7, 2012

KoolAid Dyed Eggs for Easter

 Saw a post on Pinterest from Hey Jen Renee and decided to try it.  Very frugal, safe, fun, and I may have some budding child mixologists on my hands. 
Really, what a great science experiment with color and art!
If you'd like to try it too, it couldn't be easier.  Koolaid packets are 5 for $1 so very comparable to Paas.  And you don't need vinegar, the citric acid in the koolaid will do the equivalent.  Experiment with the colors and length of time (about 5 min) - we used a full packet + per 3/4 cup and dyed two at a time to make the dye deeper and color more of each egg.  
The only caveats are that for the yellow and pink you need to add a bit of cherry or orange, the lemonade and pink lemonade aren't very strong on their own.  Just a sprinkle of the cherry or orange will do it.  The grape makes a kind of grey/black color.  I added about half a packet of blue to the grape, but it still came out kind of dark.  The lone purple-y egg in the lower right corner was that grape mixture plus the remainder of the cherry after we took the red eggs out.  I think I might add a bit of the blue to the black cherry next time, too - to make more of a difference in the reds.  Could also try for a green by mixing the blue and lemon/orange.  Finally, be careful not to touch them too much when you take them out, as the color doesn't really stick until they are dry - you can see the splotches on the grape eggs.   Oh, and I should have put newspaper down, as my cutting board is a cheery faint light pink even after a vinegar scrub.
In any case, a fun and pleasant way to dye eggs that I'll use again next year.

Happy Easter and Passover, everyone!

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