Saturday, April 14, 2012

Queen B and the Workers

 I've been taking the classes.  I've been reading the books.  I've been inspired on Pinterest.  So I ordered the bees.
 Yikes!  That means they need somewhere to live when they get here!  Two weeks ago my dad and I made a top bar hive.  To say beekeepers are an opinionated bunch is an understatement.  I decided on the top bar because it is much much cheaper and I like the idea of having natural beeswax made by my bees rather than wax foundation from a supplier.  I didn't decide on it because it is infinitely better (as some websites seem to think!).  Ok, and I did like the idea that it was hit upon by Peace Corps Kenya as a way to keep bees using hives made from local cheap sources (I've seen them made in an oil barrel cut in two - beautiful semi-round comb!)
 We painted it up, bought them a waterer, and were all set.  Hope it is not too cold at night for them!
 There she is!  J calls her Queenie.  Mr. Sycamore named her Beatrice so we can call her Queen Bea.
 They look happy enough!  I'm not supposed to check on them for a week but I can't help going out about 10 feet away to see what they are up to on the outside.  Guess I'm glad I kept those Prosecco corks (they help me regulate how much room they have to get in and how - the better to defend themselves against robber insects.)

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