Monday, September 27, 2010

Kids Clothing Week Challenge II

I might be making it a kids clothing month challenge, in order to keep the stress to a minimum. I'm currently working on a really big and fussy fix-it Friday project, which is nearing completion - which means that any big chunk of time I get is spent in the shed with power tools and wood rather than in the sewing room with patterns and cloth.. that said, I just cleaned up the sewing room and it really inspires me to finish up the projects I pictured for an hour or so tonight.

When I read the challenge FAQs I was heartened to learn that knit items would count ... in fact, the challenge is just to spend one hour a day on kids clothes making, not to make 7 items or even to finish anything. My kind of challenge. Portable projects really zip along for me compared to 'sit in the sewing room uninterrupted so I can think' projects, and these mittens from Lion's site are super simple. Mittens disappear so rapidly I figured I needed a simple pattern and to make several pairs to avoid last winter's no mitten blues. Happily, J loves them, and has requested slippers to match. I also saw this totally cool monster scarf where it bites its own tail ... would be super cute in red. Maybe I will bust a whole skein of stash yarn?!?
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