Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shouldn't Even Count

As a finished project. This curtain fell down THREE MONTHS AGO. On Mr. Sycamore. We have plaster on about 70% of our walls, the curtain pulled out a good chunk on its way down. This was one of those "little" projects that just go on and on - first find, cut, and paint an appropriate board, mount (taking at least 20 min each to find the studs beneath the plaster), hang the curtain rods wrong, put the curtains up temporarily, have them fall on Mr. Sycamore again, finally correct the rods and .. ta dah! A normal, non-descript curtain that you would never look twice at. Ah, the joys of homes. If the photo looks a little somber, it matches my mood on this project.
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  1. I know how you feel about projects that go on and on without an end in sight! The curtain looks good though - brings to mind the saying: 'the end justifies the means', in this case the journey it took to get there.

  2. Thanks Halima! It does feel satisfying not having the curtain in a heap on the floor anymore! Sometimes it seems that every single room has something like that in it. More brighter photos soon ...


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