Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Antique Rose Necklace

Made, BY HAND, by my sister. Wow.
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  1. It is stunning! Your sister is so talented. :-)

  2. I'm blushing! I'm always so ridiculously excited to make it in your blog, but never expect anybody to commment. I have to confess to getting the idea out of "Making Vintage Accessories" by Emma Brennan. I fell in love with it, and esp. when I read that the rose is made with JUMBO RIC RAC! yes, that's right, ric rac. There are plenty of other projects in it as well that I can't wait to try. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Thanks Valerie! G, I've already had lots and lots of comments on it, especially "where did you get that!?"

  4. Well I guess I have found a creative outlet for myself. I really enjoyed making it.


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