Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrate the Boy is Baaaack

For a whole month over at MadebyRae and Made , with photos and tutorials and lots of linkies. Check out the flickr pool and upload some of your own clever, cute, awesome boy crafty things.

After looking through the photos I have about a dozen new ideas and as many cool new blogs to follow or etsy stores to drool over.

Just look at all the onesies! Only scratching the surface, I tell you.

1. Mad Men Don Draper Inspired Freezer Paper Stencil Onesie, 2. necktie onesie, 3. Baby Animal Onesie Rolls2, 4. Upcycled Elephant Onesie, 5. Beep Beep!, 6. Razorback Applique, 7. Acoustic | 6/12 mo, 8. tie onesie, 9. 1st knit shirt, 10. milo, 11. Freezer Paper Fun, 12. Robot 2, 13. new fall outfit, 14. gocco dog on a new shirt, 15. Applique Tops, 16. little boy's tie

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