Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrate the Boy - Airplane Mobile

Welcome to anyone visiting from Celebrate the Boy at MadebyRae! I've been having a lot of fun peering through the flickr pool at all the crafty goodness and helping Rae put together some mosaics. I have so many new projects percolating! My own boy is almost four and still wears what I make him - I know that is not for long so I'm trying to get it in now while he's young!

Have a look around and leave a comment to say hi. Go boys!!!

This looks complicated - and believe me, it was hard to string up - but making the airplanes was actually very easy and lots of fun. I used the pages of a couple of old books. I traced airplane shapes and cut them out. I did not let the children see me cut apart book pages after spending so much time impressing on them never to cut up books! I had plenty of material, so I played around until I had the shapes that looked enough like planes to satisfy me (and a 3 year old). I used regular elmers glue to carefully glue the edges together to make 3D shapes of a WWI type plane, a jet plane, a "regular" piper-type plane, a helicopter, and a blimp/dirigible. The blimp came out the least convincing, to me, but I have a dirigible fanatic in the family so it had to be included.

I hung an embroidery hoop from our dining room lamp and used fishing filiment to hang the planes as a mobile. At first I was going for artistic, but after countless tangles and lots of late-night cussing (I try to watch my language during the day but after bedtime all bets are off) I settled for "doesn't look like it will immediately fall down" as my aesthetic.

Curse you, Red Baron!!!!!

A very manly corner.

If you are interested in mobiles like this check out this Etsy shop where I got the idea. Thanks, Royalbuffet!
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