Thursday, March 24, 2011


Photo by Mr. Sycamore. Makes me happy.

In other news, check out the downloadable instructions for the mitred square cross blanket over at Mason Dixon. All the proceeds are going to Red Cross Japan and they have raised over $5000 in something less than a week. The blanket is totally lovely and looks easy.

Kay and Ann pointed out that Ravelry has a Japan Relief Thread listing patterns where the seller will make a donation.

And you can search on Etsy for amazing cuteness that also benefits Japan Relief There are over 9500 items already listed.

And... I'm totally overwhelmed by my friend Stephanie's idea to hold a bake sale in her (big) office building for Japan Relief. She raised over $1000 bucks in two days and her company matched it. She posts that she is tired and completely out of flour and sugar. But that everyone who bought a cookie did a good thing.

I think of these options I may head over to purchase the blanket instructions. Or maybe buy something cute on Etsy to send to Stephanie!
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