Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Greens

Have been working on the Rumplestiltskin challenge - spin gold from the straw you have. Otherwise known as knitting your stash. However, much of my stash came to me from my mom, from yarn I collected from who knows where, from high school or earlier. I must have been in a real wooly phase at that time in my life, and apparently quite taken with earthy colors which now can look somewhat dull to me. Now my tastes run more to the rainbow - check out a new find if you like color - Attic24 flickr

Up in the studio I came across this forrest-y green but only two skeins - probably 200 yds. The ravelry advanced search is awesome in these cases - I knew I wanted a stole/small blanket (this wool is scruffy feeling, there is no other real word for it. Not. Soft. But warm.) And I figured, why not try a lacey pattern on big needles so I wouldn't be scruffy-wool-knitting forever?

In the future, remind me not to take a pattern written for in the round (growing leaves- thank you Meghan) and work it back and forth. Although perhaps the mental exercise of reading backwards and purl-wise is what will keep me interested for one more skein...

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