Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dyeing to Wear Dark Brown

Mr. Sycamore's hat had faded from this color to tan, and he nicely asked me to magically turn back time. I haven't used RIT dye in ages, I thought I'd give it a whirl although I've been reading up on natural dyes and we do have lots of oak trees around - the leaves are supposed to give a dark chocolatey brown. But, that would be months away! While I had the dye bath around, I also dyed these thrifted napkins which I had to admit were more of an off-white greyish color and not all that appetizing to use. Then I went a step too far and dyed some towels - but without enough dye left they turned a wierd burgundy - kind of a deep pepto bismal. I'll wait to show them until I can dye them to something not quite so hideous.


  1. Make sure to always remember that the napkins and towels are dyed and wash them separately, no matter how well you've set the dye. Even the hat may leach dye for awhile, esp. if Mr.S sweats. It's always good to do several rinse washes. We've found that even well set dye tends to fade over time. But they look good! Good job!

  2. Good to know! I did run them through the rinse twice, have not washed any of them yet. Maybe I can make Mr. S a sweatband for the inside of the hat if he starts to get ring around the forehead!


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