Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet Benjy

My first softie and totally designed by me!!! With lots of help from Posie Gets Cosy's book "Stitched in Time" which shows you how to turn a drawing of a quadruped into a softie by adding a stomach/inside of legs gusset. I'd been wanting to try it for a while and it was totally easy.

The things I learned: make sure all the seams are double stitched. I've already repaired the legs two times where a seam split. I'd also recommend using a small zig zag rather than straight stitch, for the same reason. Also, when making brontosaurus softies for assertive children, over stuff the neck and tail, or they will morph from bold upright appendages to limp handles for dragging.

And you can't see it but there is a tiny embroidery heart where a heart should be. Because who doesn't need to know how much their dinosaur loves them?

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