Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Hello to everyone visiting from Pinterest, Momtastic or Modern Parents Messy Kids!

We had some toddler guests over to our house a couple of weekends ago and look what we did! A fancy flower garden in our front hall and in the office art area. Thank you Valerie of Frugal Family Fun Blog for the idea.

This was a super easy craft and very easy for young children (2, 3, and 4). And it didn't take a long time to set up. I get a bit miffed with kid craft projects that take me a precious hour to put together for 5 min of crafting time!

Valerie used flower-shaped postit notes, but I couldn't find any without going to more stores than I wanted to, so I bought a pack of 4 pastel colors and before the activity I cut them into petal and leaf shapes. By cutting about 5-6 sheets at a time each flower had a little "petal pack" that the toddler could use. We also had some left over heart shaped postits from Valentine's day crafting, so we used those for petals too. I dug out a roll of green package ribbon and we taped that up for stems - the taping was an in-demand toddler activity, even more so than sticking the postit note petals! Go, fine motor skills, go! Finally, we had the littlest ones help with sticking label "dots" for the center of the flowers the bigger ones had made.

The kids were really cooperative about this activity - I don't know if it was just because we timed it right or because I'm starting to get better at keeping activities short and focused. After a flower fury of five minutes or so, we all raced outside for play. The only clean up was to put the unused petals and scissors up out of reach! Definitely my kind of kid craft.

Thank you Valerie and Stephanie!

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  1. Love how it turned out!!! So colorful and looks like you are ready to welcome Spring! xoxo :-)

  2. Thanks Valerie! Wouldn't have thought of it without you :)

  3. Auntie GinaMarch 04, 2011

    Post-it flowers! I could do this on my nothing-permanent-allowed rental walls!

  4. Yes, they are actually very un-permanent - if you have cats and toddlers.

  5. Love this and shared it over in my post on Life Your Way this week. I adapted it to go along with our 8 Days of Easter advent! http://motherhood.yourway.net/8-days-of-easter-advent-for-families/

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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