Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bird Bag

I don't have a great fix-it Friday story - have not finished painting the side of the house where we fixed the leaky pipe. So I'm dipping back a bit to post about this bird bag which J asked for then quickly abandoned, so I scooped it back up for a project bag. I had seen the same type of bird design on Etsy several places, so when I decided the bag front - made from an old pair of cargo pants - was too plain, I knew just what I wanted on it. I used the light t-shirt type transfer paper but instead of printing something on it to iron on, I just cut it out like I wanted. It seems to have held up pretty well (but doesn't get washed as much as an actual t-shirt would). Hopefully J has forgotten it was his and won't ask for it back.
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  1. Gina in OzMay 17, 2010

    Whoa! Take the tail off that bird and it's totally one of the partridges from The Partridge Family intro.
    "Hello world, is the song that we're singin'. Come on get happee!"


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