Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something Completely Different - Airplane Mobile

(With all apologies to the Pythons) This was a birthday present for J back in March, which I never really got to photograph properly until now. It was based on these book mobiles on Etsy, I bought a couple of french and german language books at the used book store and just played around (late at night) with airplane forms and lots of glue until I got several that I liked. The hardest thing was stringing them on fishing line and hanging them from an embroidery hoop - I ended up hanging the hoop on our dining room light and just left them there for him to discover the next morning with the birthday banner. Very very carefully together we transported them upstairs to the kids' room and hung the mobile. I think J would have preferred to be able to play with them rather than watch them twirl around, but I think they made a good balance for all the play items he did receive. And we blow at them every so often so they will "fly."
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