Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poppa and Me Shirts

These were an Xmas gift cut out a year ago and finished this past Xmas, happily the shirt still fits J. They wore them together for the first time today to visit the zoo and they were a big hit, not only with these boys, but Mr. Sycamore got several compliments and one request for where such shirts could be bought. Next time, I'll have to stock him with some Etsy store biz cards .. but first I'd have to stock the store. Just a cotton print from Joann's and modified with white fronts. I'll have to look up the patterns, it was that long ago. I'm not completely happy with Mr. S' collar, it stands out in the back, as if it is too big - the shirt is roomy, but the collar seems generously sized on top of that. Not perfect, but acceptable.. J's shirt was much more successful, and I have enough of the blue print left for an apron for Ms. P. I have to say, usually I'm not about the matchy matchy, but for such a special request from both boys I had to give in.

and what a handsome pair of men in my life. Lucky lucky lucky.
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