Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday in the Garden

Sweet P helped me pick some perennials that struggle up in the overgrown treeline around our house - someone back in the day must have put them in or they self seeded, they surprised me when I was mowing the lawn - flowers!? there?? Some summer when I have time to weed and mulch maybe I can put in some more blooms. The little table is on our porch for dinners, inherited from Mr. Sycamore's cousin now that her children are grown. Originally from their grandparents' house, which would be my kids' great-Memaw and Papaw, both now passed. It is a sturdy little table, the perfect size.

My first attempt gardening here, and we have had success with the lettuce! Arugula came up too, but the little space next to the house didn't seem to please the basil or peppers, perhaps too shady. Pumpkins that J planted came up, we'll have to see since I think they like sun too. I love looking out the kitchen window to check on the progress, or to see if we have enough for salad.

My love hate relationship with this little magnolia tree is back over to love. Because these flowers are so amazing, even if the tree is in a silly place it may yet get a reprieve ... and it is probably way to big to move anyway. Go ahead magnolia, you are very convincing in your sultry southern way. A bit like the Virginia Piedmont, I guess - someplace I never would have expected to end up, full of things to discover and enjoy like slow food, organic lavender, old roses, new friends who share their knowledge of farming, spinning, knitting. Happy weekend!
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