Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cloud Dough on a Rainy Day

From Pinterest, of course.  4C flour and 1/2C baby oil.  Mix to the consistency of cornmeal.  Squeezing is a really good way to mix.  Squeezing by toddlers is the best mixing method. 

You can see my attempt to contain the sandy dough in a bowl, on a cookie tin, and finally, just to the kitchen on the linoleum.  The last one proved doable.  When they finished, I had the kiddos strip and run upstairs to change.  The dough was everywhere, but it swept up like a dream.

This was really really fun.  The "dough" is very soft and a great sensory experience.  You can mold it like clay or playdough, then smush it (very satisfying!).  It does not taste good (J had to experiment) but will not hurt you if ingested, unless you eat the whole thing and then I would think you were very weird and missing something serious from your diet.

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