Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updates - From January Is Kitchen Month

 Here is another project.  This is the door to the secret stairs to the sewing room.  I know, right?  Nip down for a cuppa tea or chocolate? No one the wiser.

Oh, and I have to shout out to my super talented sister and the fabulous apron she made me for Christmas.
 Here is the overstuffed and overflowing cabinet of tea.  And other things you might want to use too like, you know, glasses.

 Now, these Ikea spice racks match the ones we already had (see them to the right of the window there?) - with one small tweak.  In the intervening years Ikea has permanently affixed them to hooks (they are supposed to hang from a rod) making them impossible to hang straight on a wall.  Unless you just screw them into two boards and screw the boards into the wall.  Hooray!  Take that, Ikea!  I suppose I should just be grateful you still make them at all.
I know, I should buy stock in Celestial Seasonings.  But they sent me tea while I was in the Peace Corps and have earned my loyalty forever.  

Next up - chair covers!
 Thanks to Domino, we know that our leather chair covers were really pleather.  Neither of which could withstand the Claws of the Destroyer.
And the culprit, foiled again.  For now.

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