Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Color

 The Big Reveal!  Having moved into an antenna-only country area, I miss my cable home decorating shows, yes I do (the upside - all the time I used to spend watching I can now use to actually do home decorating stuff!)
 Above see my new cookbook shelf, the re-purposed kitchen cart/changing table/kitchen cart, and chalkboard from a (free!) thrift store frame and piece of plywood.  I banished the amaryllis to the basement too late last year, so this one is just about to bloom. I love having the extra workspace with that additional counter, and the extra silverware/plasticware accessibility on its shelves.
I can't say enough good things about this paint.  Thank you Soulemama for mentioning it (often) in tales of your farmhouse reno.  It is Yolo Colorhouse  in Clay .02 (avail from Amazon with free shipping for a $35 gallon).  It had no smell at all, not even a paint smell, had the consistency of custard, is practically vegan, and even the label is printed on recycled paper with soy ink.  It covered like a dream - this kitchen took 1/2 a gallon total.
 The door to the laundry/mudroom.  A very awkward corner.  Now a very pretty awkward corner!  At a future date we'd like to recess the giant fridge from the middle of the room into that wall (behind it is a closet)  But that is a big project for another month!
 The pantry and chalkboard list of larger projects (not in order of priority, just in order of dreaming them up)
 The new chair covers, newly organized drawers, and soon to be organized lower cupboards.  And my fabulous Christmas present - a radio/cd player/ipod dock that attaches off the shelf!  Hooray.  Now that the color is darker (and more energetic) I think I'd like to invest in an under-the-cupboard light over here.
 The awkward corner where the stairs wind up to the sewing room.  Why yes, that IS my organized tea rack!  The new dustbuster is hiding behind the cupboard there.  See what I mean about the behemoth fridge?  It is only an ordinary sized fridge but when it sticks out in the middle of an ordinary sized room it really turns into a hulking giant irritating thing.  Poor fridge.
The new vinegar and oil rack, and newly cleared windowsill (already filling up with fancy salts and measuring cups.  Well, I had the best of intentions of keeping it cleared)
So there you have it.  Half way through February, January-is-Kitchen-Month comes to a close. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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