Friday, February 24, 2012

February is Bathroom Redo Month part II

 The upstairs bathroom.  Could that yellow be any more blah?  I mean, as colors go it has cheered us up for three years now, but three years of the same yellow in every room and anybody would go crazy for just. one. other. color.
 I will post on the scary tub after Project: Refinish It From A Kit.

 Sad pile of clothes to donate/redistribute.  It is only a pile because I moved the changing table it was on back to the kitchen.
Where the changing table pad went (see it, under the dresser?)  Surprisingly, Domino does not seem to be lounging there at the moment, she must be asleep inside/under something else in the house.
What color should we try?  Actually, I already have the color from Yolo, will surprise you with it soon.
Changes to this room on tap:
Fix the scary tub.  Someone painted it with latex for the flip, the latex has been cracking and peeling up ever since. The ceramic underneath is dingy.  This bathroom will hopefully, magically become two bathrooms before the kids are teenagers, one for us and one for them, so we don't want to put much into something that we're going to change again in the next 5 years. I'm afraid of fumes but more disgusted by our icky tub.  Wish me luck!
Frame the big mirror and add storage on either side to hold our chargeable stuff and get things off the vanity.
Add storage in the "pile corner" for off-season clothes and those to be donated.
Add art (of course).
Create a soothing environment, with a bit more order, less chaos.
Given the date, I fear this project too is going to spill over into the next month.  But I'm ok with that, since I am getting so much done done done!

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