Friday, July 23, 2010

Fix-it Friday - Painted Cafe Table

Once again I have forgotten to take the "before" photo - believe me when I say this table had seen many summers and a couple of winters outside, and was a dry and distressed weathered dark brown. I think this caribbean aqua is just the ticket. The toddlers helped with priming (we used brushes) but were distressed themselves not to be allowed to spray on the color. After they sniffed the stinkiness of spray paint they reconsidered and retreated indoors. Better for their brain cells anyway!

Now, if it will only cool down enough in the evenings for an actual glass of wine outside watching fireflies (not as many as last year, it has been so dry and hot) swatting mozzies (many many more than last year)
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  1. what a beautiful table!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Lorena! I really wish I had the "before" photo, the transformation was unbelievable.


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