Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday WIP - Cross Stitch

I needed something small and cool to work on for our vacation, so I finally started this lovely pattern, which I've had for a year at least, from WooHoo on Etsy. I hand-dyed the cloth in coffee, which gave it an interesting mottled look for the background (maybe it will look like an heirloom early) and I foolishly started in a floss that I knew I didn't have enough of, so the color will be slightly off when I switch - I see items like that all the time in thrift stores, so now I'll have one of my own, and someone in the future can say "look at that, she was so frugal that she just kept going and used up what she had" or, you know, "look at that, she was too cheap and lazy to plan correctly or start over when she ran out"
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  1. Um, I thought I was the cross stitcher in the family? What's up with that? It looks lovely by the way. I'll be bringing both cross stitch and knitting on vaca (just to be an overachiever of course)


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