Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fix-It Story - Screened Porch

As you can see, we couldn't really install permanent screens here. And we only need them in bug season. So the solution turned out to be a screen house meant for a gazebo (it came with velcro already attached). I cut off one side and used that to create the triangular piece to go up the ceiling. I had to extend it a bit so got some outdoor fabric at Joann's on sale (phew! it was still pretty pricey) And made some sandbags for stability around the zipper there. We're very happy with it so far, although in the million degree heat it is not cool enough to eat out there until midnight snacks. Coffee in the morning works too.

In a non-fix-it Friday project, I actually broke a chair by sitting in it. Sorry Gina! I think this one may be irreparable. The irony is, I've actualy lost 5 pounds already this summer by trying to eat more salads, even though they seem to make me hungry. At least I'm still padded enough that nothing was hurt but my pride.
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  1. Wow. Well, it lead a full life.
    Can't wait to see what you recycle the pressed-design back into.

  2. J is avidly lobbying for fixing it, but that is the second rung that has snapped - the first to do so violently! - and it broke one of the rocker parts as you can see. If nothing else it will make great kindling for our firepit - once it rains a bit and we can have a fire without being scared we'll burn the county down.

    Hmmm. What could the back piece be? I'll give it some thought. Some kind of medieval something.


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