Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Very Green Post

Check out the pumpkin! I swear it looks like this vine grows a couple of feet a day and has taken over its patch by the house. Saw a three foot black snake last week - but that's good, right? Fewer rodents? Right?

Okra is cool! Seriously, we love gumbo here, and growing up northern I only discovered okra as an adult. Yum.

What is that hiding? This watermelon also seems to grow several feet a day - in several directions.

I can see we need more official stakes than just rotten branches jammed in the ground and groaning under the tomato load. They sure do love hot weather.
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  1. Wow! Your garden is coming along beautifully! I can only dream that mine was so nice. I seem to be growing vegetables for the slugs and squirrels to eat. You are going to have some good 'eats' pretty soon.

  2. Thanks, and thanks for looking around the blog! We don't have slugs so far since it has been so hot and dry, but we have an adorable bunny that ate the green beans down to the roots. This is my first year with room for a "real" garden not just in containers, I'm really learning a lot.


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