Saturday, May 21, 2011

Color Wheel Activity for Toddlers

This was a quick rainy day activity perfect for a 4 year old who loves cutting with scissors, and a two year old working on color names.

I spread out a bunch of magazines - catalogs were some of the best sources - and had J trace a plate on the page to create the circle. Then we started looking for colors to fill it in. I drew a circle a bit larger than a quarter and J cut them out. Sweet P was a "spotter" turning pages to look for the color we asked for.

We started with primary colors in a triangle, then the secondary colors, then we had a lot of fun looking for "in-between" colors and discussing their names (greeny-blue, pinky purple, etc). J wondered where black and white were supposed to go on the wheel and I didn't know, so we made four corner colors also including brown and grey. You can also find a color wheel explanation here, so you can be better prepared for questions!

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