Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toddler Dragon or Dinosaur Costume

From three different tutorials! Thank you, the Internets!

Dinosaur sweatshirt was pretty easy and very quick. Take an existing zip-up hoodie and cut straight up the back to the hood. Create your spikes from felt or fleece pin the whole thing together and stitch it back up.

(see Rae's tutorial for the dino shoes here - must make those to complete the look, right?)

The tail (from this Celebrate the Boy flickr pic) was just an oblong tube from an old grey sweater sleeve, with fleece spikes at the end. The spikes came out kind of twisty - I want a horn hat from these for Halloween! Instead of making it a belt as in the tutorial, I attached it to the back of the hoodie.

The wings were party favors from turning 4, also spotted on Celebrate the Boy. These were the most time-intensive, you bend wing shapes from wire hangers (scored for free from a local thrift store - when I walked up to the counter to see if she'd sell them she asked me to please just take them and did I want more), and sew fleece around the frames. Elastic hold them on at the shoulders.

To be clear, J knows that Stegosaurus did not have wings. He knows lots of dinosaur facts. But he likes the wings as part of the ensemble. Slippers next.


  1. Thanks! It looks pretty elaborate but it didn't actually take much time, except the wings. Love your blog idea for the sandbox lid/deck.


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