Monday, May 23, 2011

Mitred Squares Blanket from Mason-Dixon

Reader, I cast on.

I've been debating what to do with this partially felted blue wool from my stash. 7 skeins. Too warm and potentially rough for kid sweaters. Only enough for a vest for me. I love many of the patterns in the spring Interweave but I did about 3 swatches and none of them was feeling like something I'd wear once I got it done. Hardly inspiring.

Then I saw this post and thought of the llama wool from Scott Farms as a contrasting color. The only question remaining is, blue or oatmeal crosses? Some of each? I'm going to finish this block then reverse them to see. I have a vision of this blanket with one contrasting block ... you know when you get excited about a pattern? The only drawback so far is the difficulty in remembering which row to knit and which to mitre (every other row. or so)

All funds raised from this pattern ($5 on Mason Dixon through Ravelry) go to Mercy Corps for Japan Earthquake relief if purchased this year, to their general funds after 2011. Go get it!

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