Thursday, May 26, 2011

Violet Jam. Fail. Lemon Tart. Not Fail.

About a month ago J gathered a packed cup of violets from the yard for me. I really really wanted to like this idea from SouleMama. The color is divine. I may not have read the pectin package right, but it never jelled into jelly and stayed syrup-y - and tasted like spicy grass smells, with lots of citrus from the lemon juice. Not very pleasant, and not really anything we wanted to eat. So I started to think, if I did this again I might make a lemon curd recipe but add some violets for color. Next spring, will have to try that. J had fun gathering the violets, after all!

While I was thinking about lemons, I happened across this recipe on Epicurious. I cannot tell you how yum it was. Very tangy, and I switched out the pastry crust called for with a chocolate/oat press-in crust - the hint of chocolate was just the right counterpoint to the rich custard. In addition to being so luscious, this is one of the easiest desserts I think I've ever made, next to jello. So thank you, violet jam, for leading me to lemon tart.

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